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Eos Advisor is a web-based project history and benchmarking solution built for the preconstruction and design-build markets. It is a quick and easy way to access your company's historical data to establish conceptual or feasible estimates and benchmarking studies. In just a few short steps, you can generate averages, as well as ranges of normalized costs for each element of a given project. Advisor addresses all the categories of the design/build markets and can automatically adjust for location and time adjustment, escalating historical costs to present-day or future costs.

Advisor allows estimators, project managers and business development staff to quickly search past budgets and adjust current projects for inflation, job size and location, and supports the benchmarking process so they can make better decisions and reduce risks.

Eos Project Analytics (EPA) plug-in brings customizable dashboard-style reporting, multiple element metrics, ratio charts and currency conversion capabilities to Eos Advisor. Organizations will enjoy the ability to create and render custom project portfolios in a Microsoft Excel application. Users can easily compare, analyze, and manipulate their historical project data.

With Advisor, you can:
  • Import and store an unlimited number of projects from detailed estimating and cost management systems
  • Add an unlimited number of attributes to projects for use in classifying and retrieving them
  • Browse historical data using a user-defined classification system (vertical industry, building types, etc.)
  • Search for historical data based on user-defined attributes (job size, project characteristic, region, etc.)
  • Define an unlimited number of cost elements and cost categories
  • Compare selected budgets and/or cost elements side-by-side in chart or table format
  • Export directly into Microsoft Excel on the user's local workstation
The benefits of Advisor are both powerful and useful:
  • Produce better budget estimates faster than your competition, and cheaper than you're doing them now
  • Respond to new business opportunities with defensible data based on your history
  • Reduce risks by performing 'sanity checks' (benchmarking) in minutes, rather than hours or days
  • Provide enterprise-wide access to historical data through centralized storage of historical projects
  • Collect proprietary data into an open, common repository accessible by industry-standard tools
  • Make the most of existing investments by leveraging existing data and technologies
  • Reduce IT costs through a centralized management and a zero-install (thin) client deployment

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