Eos Group provides creative technical solutions to the preconstruction world.
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Eos Group team members exhibit a positive attitude, teamwork, client focus, initiative, technical expertise, and passion for their work.

Working at Eos Group requires the ability to tackle professional challenges and provide creative, unique solutions for our clients while working in a supportive, rewarding environment.

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We are seeking to hire a dynamic Angular Software Engineer to join our team. You will be required to engineer a top-quality code base using modern techniques and best practices. You will also be tasked with creating an amazing user interface for our web applications. The ideal candidate will also have outstanding communication and collaboration skills. You will be working within a team of fellow front-end and back-end engineers to ensure smooth integration between UI and API layers.

We are seeking an apprentice who wants to learn how to provide consulting and support services to our clients. The successful candidate must be able to work effectively in a collaborative, distributed environment while also being able to fulfill assigned responsibilities independently.