Eos Knowledgebases

Eos Knowledgebases are built to serve as a library of definable construction activities based on historical and industry standard information. Knowledgebases include automation through Smart Assemblies and Models in the form of estimating methodologies. 

Eos High Voltage Knowledgebase

The Eos High Voltage Knowledgebase provides parametric cost models for creating conceptual estimates as well as definitive, detailed estimates for transmission lines, switchyards, and substations. Models replace the time-consuming, item-by-item takeoff process and help you produce estimates in a fraction of the time.

Eos Renewable Energy Knowledgebase

The Eos Renewable Energy Knowledgebase supports construction cost estimating for utilities, developers and owners, design engineers, and contractors in the areas of wind turbine generators, photovoltaic solar, electrical energy storage, and electric vehicle charging.

Eos Process Piping Knowledgebase​

The Eos Piping Knowledgebase supports a broad spectrum of uses, from conceptual stages to detailed estimating stages, or even for use by a piping fabricator or installation contractor. It is intended to be useful from building construction to power generation plants to various types of industrial or processing/treatment plants.

Eos Natural Gas Knowledgebase​

The Eos Natural Gas Knowledgebase was designed to provide robust and useful cost estimating data with a robust selection of smart assemblies and models to enhance the estimate takeoff process. It is designed for gas utilities, design engineers, and contractors involved in natural gas delivery (transmission and distribution).

Custom Data

In addition to containing installation and procurement unit rates, Eos Knowledgebases include a collection of code and description information that allow the dependent estimates to be defined and organized (by Commodity, System, Job Classification, etc.). The knowledgebases also can be built to contain other custom and company-specific information that drives custom applications and reports.

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