Partner Products

We have yet to find a single vendor that can provide a comprehensive and optimal solution for our clients. Single vendor solutions result in technology compromises and a single point of failure (risk) that can leave a company stranded with legacy tools. We believe the best-in-class approach provides our clients with an optimal results while mitigating technical and commercial risks.

We are pleased to partner with companies that provide best-in class solutions for the AEC industry. We work with our clients to evaluate, select, implement, and integrate the system components that form a solution that meets their estimating needs. Review our partner’s products below.

Eos Group delivers enterprise estimating platforms based on powerful, packaged estimating solutions to help our clients optimize their cost estimating processes. 

Our solutions are expertly configured and implemented for each market sector by experienced Eos Group professionals and integrated using web services and .NET technologies. 

Eos Group offers cost estimating databases for the building and non-building (industrial) markets.

Databases include comprehensive data sets that can be linked to electronic pricing services and third-party data providers.

Third-party databases are ideal for clients that lack historical data.

Digital takeoff is the ability to measure lengths, areas, and counts from electronic files rather than using a handheld scale or digitizer to trace paper plans.

Digital takeoff streamlines the takeoff process and leaves more time for cost estimating.

A digital takeoff tool is a must-have solution for electronic plans. 


Building Information Modeling (BIM) is a set of tools and processes that provide a ‘digital twin’ of the physical project in the form of a model.

Models can be leverages to extract quantities and scope in a fraction of the time compared to paper and 2D takeoff work processes. 

LoadSpring Solutions, Inc. accelerates companies’ digital transformation abilities with the best infrastructure, platform, industry solutions, and expertise. We deliver cloud-managed solutions that leverage LoadSpring’s cutting-edge technology – all on the centralized LoadSpring Cloud Platform. Customers rely on LoadSpring as their trusted partner to enable growth and solve their most critical business problems.

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