Release Updates

Alternate Price & Productivity

Do you know how to use the alternate productivity and alternate price features in Sage Timberline Estimating? These features are set up in the Eos Group High Voltage Knowledgebase and Industrial

Company News

AACE 2015

The annual AACE International conference is next week, June 28–July 1, 2015, in Las Vegas, NV. Our own CEO, Nick Papadopoulos will be there along

Why Discipline Matters More to Benchmarking

To leverage historical project data, you must develop standards and execute discipline in capturing historical data. That’s because you will use historical data for benchmarking purposes (e.g., I

Eos Navigator

Eos Navigator Release for Navigator 1.15

Today Eos Group, Inc. announces the latest release of Eos Navigator, version 1.5. Eos Navigator is a collaborative solution for managing projects and estimates at

Flying Cars

Do I believe flying cars are just around the corner? No. No, I don’t.   For the masses, that’s where model-based estimating is today. I

Why Bother with the Past?

An introduction to historical cost data. I have two children, both of whom were born premature. This is considered left of zero on a growth chart.