Release Updates

Please check my math

An introduction to the need for validation I recall the days of checking my math with a calculator that had a roll of paper to

MOAS: Mother Of All Spreadsheets

Eos Group sees these spreadsheets all the time. Some clients have been developing them for 20+ years. Multiple internal authors have added their touch and external software

Cost Estimating Database or Knowledgebase

Most cost estimating systems connect to one or more content data sources, even those based in Microsoft Excel. Without them, the estimating system is just a spreadsheet. Content

Walking the Walk – Project History

“We have great history and experience with these types of projects.” “We have extensive knowledge of the systems and complexities involved in your proposed facility.”

Are you lonely?

It can feel lonely as the person responsible for managing your organization’s complex cost estimating systems and processes. Cost estimating in your agency is different, right? How can you

Other Costs

Where do non-construction costs belong? Programs and projects conducted by owners and implemented by AEC firms typically involve costs other than those for construction. For example,

Nailed It!

Does the fact that you can operate a tool automatically make you capable of implementing it? I pondered this for a while. If I stretch, I

2D or not 2D

BIM is changing the way we conduct business, and is certainly influencing the tools we will use today and into the future. BIM advocates believe that

Eos Navigator

Eos Group Announces Debut of Eos Navigator

Eos Group, Inc. announces the long awaited pre-release of Eos Navigator, its next generation preconstruction software solution. Eos Navigator will be available later this year,