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Eos Navigator

Eos Navigator: Estimate versioning…

I’m sure you’re not the only one who creates a copy of your estimate every week—or day, or hour—as you approach the estimate due date.

Eos Navigator

Eos Navigator: More operational management

The Eos Navigator 2.0 release in October completely redefined the Navigator experience. With encouraging feedback from the market, we continue to focus on modernizing the user experience

Eos Cortex Project History

Process vs. History

When I witness confusion in the markets we serve, I try to bring clarity to improve the decision-making process. Education is vital to advance our


Better is Better

I think Seth Godin is a gifted writer and his latest blog post inspired me to write this one. I often hear the phrase “bigger is better.” I

Eos Cortex Project History

I just want a piece…

Sometimes you don’t want the whole thing. You’ve got most of what you need, but you’re missing something important. Let’s apply this to project history


If we can’t agree on the data…

Common ground. Common source. Common basis. We use these words interchangeably when we talk about our data, but few companies have achieved it. It’s impossibly difficult to make good decisions as

Eos Navigator

Eos Navigator 2.0 Released

If you’ve been following our blog, you’ve heard the buzz about the 2.0 release of Eos Navigator. We’re excited to announce that Eos Navigator 2.0 is now available!

Eos Navigator

Eos Navigator: Reporting Analytics…

As an enterprise estimate management system, it’s critical for Eos Navigator to provide strong data analysis capabilities. Although the display panels already provide a substantial amount of

Eos Navigator

Eos Navigator: Simpler Experience…

When we discuss the estimating process with clients, they typically focus on their tools. Too often, their tools are a collection of disparate worksheets with idiosyncrasies that

Eos Navigator: What’s Coming Next…

We are only one month away from the highly anticipated release of Eos Navigator 2.0 and the timing couldn’t be better for our clients planning to migrate

Eos Navigator: Enterprise Security

Have you heard about the new feature Access Control that’s coming in Sage Estimating 18.11? Once it’s activated, you can maximize the power of Eos Navigator’s enterprise security

Eos Navigator: Extensibility

  When did they expand the estimator job description to include lead data mover? And where’s the support staff that used to make this responsibility tolerable?

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AACE 2018

The annual AACE International conference is next week, June 24–27th in San Diego, CA. Our own CEO, Nick Papadopoulos will be there along with our Senior Consultant,