Eos Navigator

Our next-generation estimate management system designed to work seamlessly with Sage Estimating SQL and Eos Cortex Project History. Eos Navigator provides the tools that today’s organizations need to manage the estimating process across the enterprise.


Helps you manage the estimating workflow from start to finish using standard processes and permissions.


Integrates seamlessly with other commercial software and tools to optimize the estimating experience.


Enables collaboration for distributed teams, large and small.

Eos Navigator v3.6 is here!

New Features

  • Company mode


  • Navigation pane refinements
  • New Edit window for projects and estimates and new View windows for objects
  • Indicator visualization advancements
  • and more…

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Key Features


Customize your display panels, set user-defined views, include a fixed navigation pane, and quickly navigate and edit with toolbars and shortcuts.


Quality Control


Eos Navigator is just a click away

Eos’s data integration service has given Kinsley peace of mind knowing that all project data in Viewpoint, Eos Navigator, and Sage Estimating will be synced on a daily basis–providing the preconstruction team with more time to focus on the details and less time on data entry.”

John Clemons, Preconstruction Specialist: Kinsley Construction